about us

Our approach to fitness is to create a fun, vibrant atmosphere, along with a dynamic, supportive team to assist you with your individual needs and long term fitness goals.  We do this through varied formats of physical movement from cardio to restorative yoga, nutritional support, and one on one training. Our atmosphere is infused with gentle heat and energizing music to move you.  Balance Fitness offers challenging, dynamic workouts in a group fitness setting that deliver an enviable long, lean physique and the strength of an athlete.

From our approach you can expect:

            •      a sculpted and stronger physique

            •      longer, leaner muscles

            •      enhanced flexibility and balance

            •      improved endurance and energy

            •      a stronger core

            •      increased bone density

            •      improved posture & alignment

            •      body awareness

            •      mind-body connection

Our mission is to constantly innovate, evolve and reach for new fitness techniques and formats to keep our clients challenged and motivated.  We wish to create a whole body fitness regime through deep core work that is the key focus in every class.  Come join us as we move and challenge your body through connecting with breath, conscious relaxation and nutritional guidance. Whatever your fitness level is, we will help you feel confident and challenged. We are committed to supporting our clients on their journey to inner and outer well-being.


                 We seek to help our clients progress

            •      We seek to be mindful and present in our approach to work and clients

            •      We speak with integrity

            •      We operate from positive energy


Our 80–85 degree Fahrenheit studio will allow you to work deep within the body to release toxins, grow stronger and heal.  All classes taught in gentle heat unless otherwise noted.